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A magical world in need of rescue...

Six / Six is a new adventure game for your Digital Rainbow 100 personal computer!  

Imagine suddenly waking in an unfamiliar world of dangerous creatures!  Only through exploration and the assistance of others can you stop the flow of evil into the world.  Players will face many dangers in their travels, including horrible beasts like the Maple Goose or the Surly Caveman.   

But the residents of this world are here to help, even if they sometimes need bribing or assistance themselves.  If players can decipher the engaging puzzles, like which sandwich a guard might prefer as a random example, a world of possibilities will be revealed!

The game features 95 locations to explore, a plethora of enemies to battle, and a user interface developed specifically for your Rainbow 100 computer.  Running in the Rainbow's rarely (possibly never?) used 66 column mode, the game caters to one of the most memorable personal computers of the 1980s that nobody actually uses anymore for anything.  Developed entirely on an actual Rainbow 100, this game reflects dedication to a never-really-popular platform!


  • Battle beasts such as Grues, Water Goblins, and Raccoons!
  • Interact with exciting characters like Billy the Gun Nut and Big Ted!
  • Visit exciting, dangerous locales like The Crypt or The Not-So-Colossal Cave!
  • Learn about regional foods and drinks!
  • Master a plethora of weapons like the slingshot or a rolled-up newspaper!
  • Cast spells upon yourself or your enemies, even useful ones!
  • Does not run on IBM PCs and compatibles because they are inferior! (Aren't pointless, obscure flame wars fun?)
    • A Windows version is available, though...


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Zip for Rainbow 100 (MS-DOS) - October 2023 Release 91 kB
Zip for Windows - October 2023 Release 835 kB

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Download demo

The demo!!! Zip for Rainbow 100 (MS-DOS) 46 kB

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Love this adventure, great job.

Thanks Jeffrey for supporting the Rainbow 100 community

I’m glad you enjoy it! It’s always a hoot to program on the ’bow!