Another Update!?!

The game has been released for seven months now, and I’m offering another minor bug fix. Some casual play with the game revealed that there was one gravestone in particular belonging to a certain Russian submarine captain who enjoyed fishing and murdering political operatives with tea that could cause screen corruption, particularly in the Rainbow version. The bug would have also manifested itself on Windows, though I’m not exactly sure how it would have appeared.

The actual bug was caused by how “signs” are stored in the distributed game. During development, each sign’s contents are stored in tiny, individual files. For distribution, though, the signs are consolidated into two files: a data file with all the signs and a table describing each sign’s location in said data file.

When the signs are stored in individual files, the program would just read until the file ended. This technique was simple and easy, but the consolidated file doesn’t have this information. So after the fact, all the signs were appended with one additional line of text reading END.

Of course, I forgot to add END to a few of the signs, and I fixed them as they cropped up. Apparently I missed one. How exciting!

The only other change was that references in the game and accompanying documentation to Twitter or whatever its called have been stripped out. Don’t bother contacting me there.

Upcoming Work

It has occurred to me that this game is fascinatingly obtuse and difficult to solve. Most of the “puzzles” are designed to make me laugh personally. Solving some puzzles actually make the game harder later on (don’t help the aging hippie! - that’s a free hint). I do need to put together a play-through for players that is available here.


Zip for Rainbow 100 (MS-DOS) - October 2023 Release 91 kB
Oct 25, 2023
Zip for Windows - October 2023 Release 835 kB
Oct 25, 2023

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